Monday, April 19, 2010

true self and personality to be a Babylon Personality. Prozac, is engineered to make you happy with the Babylon Personality. To deceive you so that you
u don't likw what you are doing? Or are you separate from you true self and place in life? 'By Babylons Sorceries, the nations are deceived' Revelations
Howdy, I just remembered I can send my memoirs to this blog. The point of existience is to live a life way worth more than being biographized and having
are an actor directed by the false prophet.
9:21 Babylon's sorceries, alchemy, their pharmakologia, they want you to be their actor on their stage and direct you. They want to separate you from you
a film being made onself, for most men love to be their own worst enemy, and lose. All the worlds a stage- can you separate from the actor you are if yo